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Hearing Aids

Hearing loss can be intimidating and confusing to understand. CentralComp takes the confusion out of the claim by providing a network of audiologists and hearing healthcare specialists to meet the needs of all work related hearing loss claimants. CentralComp offers the most competitive pricing nationwide. We understand that hearing loss claims can be expensive to manage. We simplify the hearing loss claims process and allow the claimant to be tested and fitted within 7 days. CentralComp is more than just a network- we are a complete resource for hearing loss claims.

Home Health

We strive for excellence in all of our products and services. We know that anything less than the very best in home health and rehabilitation services is not acceptable. Within our home health specialties, we provide “hand-holding” care and savings on in-home skilled nursing, rehabilitation therapy, IV infusion therapy, wound care, injections, blood draws and non-medical nursing aids. From the initiation of the claim until the claimant’s discharge, we help make the process smooth and understandable. We want our clients to focus on their jobs and let us focus on the claimant’s care.


90% of work-related injuries involve needing Durable Medical Equipment (DME). From braces to wheelchairs and hospital beds, we provide our clients and claimants with rapid response and delivery times, and dependable devices, all at a great price. With our large variety of DME products and nationwide network, no claim is too big or small. CentralComp ensures that our clients receive a great price without sacrificing the claimant’s care.

Physical Therapy

CentralComp offers an industry-unique approach to managing Physical Therapy patients. Patients are directly scheduled with therapists who understand the importance of clinical oversight and stay connected with us throughout the duration of the patient’s treatment. We ensure that progress is being made…every step of the way. There is a considerable amount of coordination and information sharing required, and we make it look and feel easy by leveraging unique workflows and technology-driven solutions; managed by our experts.

We know that more treatment isn’t always better- and we’re focused on making sure that each case is monitored to ensure optimal outcomes. You can trust CentralComp to carefully manage your injured employee while delivering significant overall cost reduction.


We understand that securing important (and early) test results is the foundation for establishing a successful treatment plan. Identifying the right provider for the appropriate testing- at the right time, is critical.

CentralComp leverages access to its national, broad network of high-quality, contracted providers and unique technology-driven workflows to efficiently schedule patients and keep claims adjusters and NCM’s informed.

The CentralComp team manages the scheduling process from start to finish, allowing the claims staff to stay focused on the most important aspects of claims management.


CentralComp strives to make every claimant as comfortable and stress-free as possible. We ensure the claimant’s safety through quick communication with all parties. Our transportation providers undergo background checks and MVR scans. We offer prompt scheduling services and provide up-to-date information to all of our clients.

Our Transportation Services include:
Ambulatory, wheelchair, stretcher, ALS/BLS, air ambulance, commercial airline transportation, hotel reservations and any other area where we can be of assistance.


Unfortunately, sometimes work-related injuries involve the loss of limb or extremity. We understand how difficult this can be for the claimant, adjuster, provider and nurse case manager.  Prosthetic needs are complicated and time consuming, but we are available to assist with making the process easier for everyone. Our experienced staff communicates with all parties to ensure everyone is aware of the needs, timeframes and fitting processes necessary to make the claimant comfortable while keeping the claim moving forward.  Our prosthetic provider network is comprised of professionals that are well respected and understand workers’ compensation claims.  From the injury date to the final fitting and beyond, CentralComp is here to assist.


Our certified interpreters can handle any type of language needed. We provide around the clock assistance with appointments, written language translation, over-the-phone needs and more. Our nationwide reach has interpreters in rural areas, where sometimes it is hard to find someone to assist.  We provide coordination with all of our providers, so the workload on our clients is reduced.  We take pride in our efficiency and ability to handle any type of claim.